Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop and launch a course?
A full course takes between 12 – 18 months to develop, dependent on complexity and how quickly we can work with the client to perfect the design. We usually expect to have a beta version ready for testing within 12 months, and to roll out the full version within 18 months.
Aren't students isolated in online learning?
It’s true that in traditional online learning environments, students can feel isolated because they work through their materials alone, and this sometimes leads to high drop-out rates for online courses.

Our networked VLEs, however, are different. They allow courses to be taught as they would be in a live lab. Students, faculty and TAs work together in our VLEs in real time. What we offer is an environment as close to a live laboratory as you can get without physically being there.

What do my students need in order to access a VLE course?
Once a student purchases their access key, all they need to access our VLEs is a suitable networked computer. If they’d like to use voice chat, a headset is required, though we have found that many users prefer text chat.
How much will it cost to create a VLE for my course?
It doesn’t cost the university anything. Our projects are developed as course ware and distrubited to students as a required “textbook” for the course, at the same price as (or sometimes less than) a regular textbook.
Where does CNDG operate?
Our headquarters is in New York. We also have offices and work locations in Florida, and London, UK. However, we are a global company and due to the virtual nature of our work, members of our team are located around the world.
Who can I talk to about my ideas?
There are several ways to get in touch.

If you’re in the US, you can contact your local Pearson representative or contact CNDG directly via email at Otherwise, please contact us using the telephone numbers in our footer (under the ‘Contact Us’ heading) or via email at

If you’re an existing client or student and need help concerning a VLE, please contact, or ask a TA or CNDG Support team member within the Virtual Learning Environment.

We love questions!

Welcome to our FAQ. If the answer you require isn’t available on this page, don’t be afraid to email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We might even add your question to the list!

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