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The value of social interaction is perhaps higher now than ever before, particularly between teachers and learners. The driving force behind our work for the past decade has been helping teachers communicate with students in a direct, impactful way using virtual technologies.

One of the fundamental advantages of a virtual environment is its possibility. In a virtual space, you can replicate real life equipment, places or scenarios, or push the boundaries of possibility by constructing abstract worlds no person could ever visit.

Whichever form a virtual environment takes, when you take away the ability to communicate and engage with students, something integral is lost. That’s why we’re excited to announce UniVirtual, a new virtual platform that is a uniquely social environment where teachers and students work together in real time.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling more about what makes UniVirtual special here on our new blog. We’ll share how we’re using virtual worlds to help make learning more collaborative, memorable and engaging, and reveal more about the courses we’ll be rolling out this summer.