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A Virtual World Designed for Learning

UniVirtual is a virtual platform designed for students. It delivers fun, engaging, immersive learning experiences through the virtualisation and gamification of materials. It is affordable, easy to access, and offers an inclusive, uniform experience for all its users. It is available anywhere and at any time.

What is UniVirtual?


UniVirtual delivers fun, engaging and immersive learning experiences through the virtualisation and gamification of traditional course material. Our worlds are uniquely social environments; within them, students and tutors work together in a shared space.


Working with faculty and subject matter experts, we create bespoke virtual worlds that offer an exceptional learning experience and ease real-world challenges. Our environments respond to the unique needs of universities.

Easy to Access

Our courses are affordable, easy to access, and offer an inclusive, uniform experience for all users. As we virtualise learning materials, our environments are low on real-world resources, cutting costs for students and teachers. They are available anywhere and at any time. 




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We believe that learning should be accessible and available to everyone. By transforming traditional learning materials into virtual activities, UniVirtual eases real-world challenges facing teachers and learning institutions.

Virtualisation cuts the physical space or resources required for practical experiments, ensuring every student can take part. It reinforces learning concepts with visual, interactive and risk-free experiences that are memorable and fun. Our virtual courses are available 24/7 and are accessible from anywhere in the world.

A virtual environment can closely simulate real-world scenarios like bench labs stocked with replicas of real equipment or be abstract places no person could physically visit, like the surface of Mars.

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New generations of learners are familiar with interactive media. With over ten years’ experience providing unique, stimulating virtual environments to thousands of students, our courses appeal to modern learners without compromising on content.

We want our users to enjoy their learning experience, as we believe it makes it more memorable and impactful. The gamification of learning creates a visual, interactive reinforcement that helps students develop a deeper understanding of concepts they usually only hear about in lectures or read about in textbooks. 

We implement tested, reliable game mechanics that are proven to keep our users focused and more engaged with materials. Institutions using our courses as part of their curriculum have attracted higher enrolment numbers. Their students re-take their modules several times, too—because they enjoy them! 

Immersion & Retention

Synchronous & Social 

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Our virtual worlds are highly immersive. They include realistic details, high-quality graphics, and the chance to work together—this allows students to experience an integral sense of presence.

Presence helps create strong mnemonic ties to information, attaching experiences to learning material that might otherwise be symbolic or abstract.  

Learning through doing results in higher levels of retention when compared to traditional, non-experiential methods. Students remember the stimulating, novel experiences our software provides.  

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Our environments are designed to be social, multi-user spaces. Students easily collaborate with each other and their teachers on our live servers. As all students are involved with practical experiments, none are left out; they all enjoy the same inclusive, consistent experience.

UniVirtual does not eliminate the teaching experience or the need for instructors. Using customisable avatars, teachers are present to guide their students through activities. Communicating is easy, either through private, text-based chat or voice chat. Students ask more questions when using our software not just because they’re engaging more with the material, but because the effect of an online environment increases their confidence and lowers their inhibitions. 



In our experience, collaboration results in better learning environments that are valuable to students and make teaching easier.

We keep working with communities of teachers and experts within the industry to ensure that our environments are updated, refined when necessary, and follow advancements in the field.


We want to make education accessible, so we ensure our environments present materials that are easy to navigate and work through, and easy to teach within. Should a student require help with lesson content, we’ve created tools that make assisting them quick and straightforward. For queries regarding the software itself, we offer fast, valuable customer support for all users. Our support team are available year-round, and during class times, are there to assist teachers and students in the form of a live avatar, controlled by a real person! 

Easy to Access


As an online company, we value the advantages networked technology can bring to our lives, so we never restrict access to our virtual worlds. Our courses are available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, effectively removing, or at least relieving, some of the existing barriers to learning that affect many people. 


Through working with teachers and learning institutions with varied goals and expectations for virtual courses, we understand the importance of offering customisable content. Our existing courses consist of modules covering a variety of topics within many fields of study. Teachers choose the modules, topics, and exercises they think are a good fit for their course and their students.   


Virtualised learning is sustainable learning! When resources are digital, it costs less for everyone, including the planet. An unlimited number can take part in practical activities, and there’s no need for large classrooms or physical equipment. Things unavailable to students, such as specialised tools or field trips to the other side of the globe, are available in unlimited quantities.


We want all students using our software to access the same content. UniVirtual ensures the level of education is consistent regardless of a user’s geographical location or learning institution. Any user has the opportunity to experience quality learning experiences.


To achieve our goal of making teaching easier, we created an LMS that is compatible with every other university-level LMS. It gives teachers all the tools they need to manage their course and check their students’ accomplishments.  


We want access to our courses to be simple and convenient, so we promise a frictionless experience when using our software. UniVirtual is easy to access and requires no additional hardware.

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