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About my.cndg

In order to support the student and faculty experience of using CNDG’s virtual learning environments, a web-based management and data platform was developed which became known as “my.cndg”. While initially a system for registering users and facilitating access to the environments, it quickly expanded and grew to encompass such features as enrollment and data export, environment access and permissions management and other configuration functionality.

Developed by Gary Hill, our ICT and Web Platform lead, the third and current incarnation of my.cndg supports all of our active virtual environments running on the Second Life platform. These environments make use of the in-world HUD which is closely related to my.cndg and these components, along with the user registration system, form the link between what students do within the environment and how that activity is then transferred to appropriate grading features in on-premise learning management systems.

The future of CNDG’s LMS-style systems is currently in development with a completely rebuilt and modern set of modular web applications eventually replacing the monolithic nature of the existing system. Greater and more flexible integration between the virtual environments and our web platform is a particular goal, along with a broader opportunity to integrate with existing customer and third-party systems.

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