Our story

CNDG was founded in 2006 by a small group of emergent technology enthusiasts who wanted to create stimulating virtual meeting places. We had been brought together by William Prensky to design, script and build large, complex environments on Second Life, a virtual reality platform.

Our first build (a virtual version of Longue Vue House in New Orleans) was the most expensive virtual property ever sold on Second Life.

Our next project, Scotty’s Castle (a loving recreation of the idiosyncratic villa in Death Valley), took over six months to complete. Probably the most elaborate and realistic building on the Second Life platform at the time, it attracted the attention of Linden Lab, the owners of Second Life. They recommended us to NOW on PBS, our first commercial clients.

Bill Prensky and the staff at CNDG… provided an immersive experience without overwhelming the “newbies.” It was amazing that they had everyone up-and-running in-world within 5-10 minutes. From there it was a seamless transition through virtual training facilities, playhouses and college campuses. It was a great experience for all of those involved and gave them a sense of the possibilities of virtual worlds.

Andy Petroski
Director of Learning Technologies
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Now on PBS

In April 2008, we were asked to build a virtual broadcasting station in a forest cabin for the independent news and documentary program NOW on PBS. The cabin was complete with screening room, cameras and mics, and a video screen broadcasting a NOW on PBS promotional film.

Hundreds of programmers watched Maria Hinojosa, NOW on PBS’s principal reporter, addressing the conference live from within the virtual environment via her avatar. She described the potential of VLEs to transform education and global collaboration.


Honeywell asked us to build a replica of their headquarters in Minnesota for a virtual exhibition, which was to run alongside a real-world exhibition showcasing their latest eco-friendly technological innovations.

We worked from the blueprints of Honeywell’s headquarters, and the design specifications of their new technology to produce a series of “working” demonstration models, for example, wind-power generators, and energy efficient A/C systems.

Pfizer Animal Health (Zoetis)

Pfizer Animal Health (later Zoetis) commissioned us to create a virtual campus and a continuing education training suite for real time case-based clinical discussions in a variety of veterinary medicine specialities.

Using our VLEs, clients accessed online resources and asynchronous educational activities, and took part in synchronous learning modules, using simulated clinical cases in a virtual veterinary surgery.