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Meet Our Team

Bill Prensky, CEO

William (Bill) Prensky is the founder and CEO of CNDG. He first encountered VLEs while acting as Chief Technology Officer at Future Work Institute (FWI), when he commissioned a training VLE on the Second Life platform. He was hooked: the VLE gave users a completely unique way of interacting with each other and their training materials. He decided to put together a small team of emergent technology enthusiasts to create and build VLEs for training and education. CNDG was born.

A graduate of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), Bill has been working at the crossover of psychology, education and healthcare for five decades, holding teaching positions at UCLA, Mercy College, City University of New York, and the Columbia University Teachers’ College. He was Chair of the UCLA Center for the Study of Nonviolence, and Director of Drug Treatment Services at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.


The Operations team and Project Management team keeps the CNDG engine running and the train on the tracks.

This team is responsible for business planning, strategic development, process management, and provides day-to-day administration for the whole CNDG team, our clients, and our partners.


Jeff Ballard

Product Development

Product Development comprises the Development team, who construct, program and script our VLEs, translating courseware into finished environments, and the Creative team, who design everything you see inside our VLEs, from the chairs avatars sit on to the landscapes around them.


Benoit Buyse

Jason Crisman

Jeroen de Kort

Adam Szendrey

Client Experience & Support

Our Client Experience and Support team offer 24/7 customer support to all our clients and users. It offers on-demand assistance in an immediate, efficient and uniquely dynamic fashion. It is also responsible for all end-user training and ensures that your virtual experience is always smooth and enjoyable.


Mariella Kraak

Yazhil Ojeda

Ann Rovetto

Elizabeth Tullii


Our Communications team coordinates internal and external communications. It is responsible for our website, brand, social media, graphic design, events, and press releases. It generates reports, carries out research, and constructs and maintains our multimedia output.


Carolyn Cronin

ICT & Infrastructure

The ICT & Infrastructure team develops and implements CNDG’s technology stack, cloud infrastructure, and application platform strategies. It also supports our other departments, through the integration of collaborative development and comms tools across various computing environments.


Gary Hill

Business Development

The Business Development team explores new opportunities for CNDG’s outreach efforts, finding innovative and exciting ways in which we can bring groups of learners and teachers/facilitators together. Margaret is central to our push to enhancing and expanding international conversations.


David Physick

Margaret Regan

Tel (US): +1 (855) 553 8726
Tel (UK): +44 (0) 207 193 2412

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