How our VLEs work

Students log on to the VLE as an avatar which they use to explore and navigate the environment; they can customize this avatar any way they choose. They are then led through an orientation lesson, which teaches them how to move, communicate, and interact with the environment.

Depending on the structure of the course, students can complete instructional materials in their own time or participate in set “lab sessions” alongside other students, faculty members, or Teaching Assistants. There will always be someone on hand from CNDG to help with technical queries.

An easy-to-use user interface leads students through their assignments in a logical way. It tests their understanding of course material and stores their activities and test results on a central database.

CNDG can incorporate existing learning materials into a VLE so you can create your own personalized course. These materials can include Pearson textbooks and supplements, datasets, videos, and anything you desire to make content more interesting for your students.

You can find out more about how our VLEs are being used on our Case Study pages.

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